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MoU with Bali Memorial Trust

Feb 1, 2022

Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) signed an MoU with Bali Memorial Trust (BMT) on January 25th, 2022, to facilitate undergraduate students in their mandatory one credit/80 hours of community service. Dr. Asif Raza (Worthy Rector UMT) and Ms. Saima Amin Khawaja (Director, BMT) signed the MoU, the MoU was co-signed by Mr. Khalid Naqi (Director, OCLP) and Ms. Rabia Usman (Focal Person Development) on behalf of UMT and BMT subsequently.
Bali Memorial Trust is a non-profit charitable organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The mission of Bali Memorial Trust is to support the destitute to lead productive and dignified lives by building independent and sustainable communities, empowered through education, healthcare and income generation.
The Charity currently runs:

·         Two Schools of underprivileged,

·         Two Mother and Child Hospitals,

·         Two old people’s homes,

·         Two girl’s shelter/orphanages,

·         One women’s crisis Centre

·      and Numerous Dispensaries,

Other than the above, Bali Memorial Trust actively provides relief and/ rehabilitation services to disaster-stricken areas

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