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Community Service

The term community service is increasing used globally as a tool to teach leadership skills Universities, educational institutes and corporate giants around the world are investing huge amount of money through degree programs, training, but the idea that has given more holistic result is engaging youth in community service. Many Educational Institutes and organizations have realized that if they want to achieve the international standards and to develop leadership traits in youngster of the country it very important to engage them in Community Service. Many of the Educational Institutes in their undergraduates’ programs especially in business management have made compulsory for the students to serve sufficient credit hours in community service for the completion of the degree.

SDI has signed MOUs with Non for Profit organizations working in Pakistan to facilitate students in community work. This engagement of students will be considered as part of their degree requirements.

Benefits of doing community service


  • Collaboration between the university and its local, regional, national and global communities for the exchange of knowledge and resources.
  • Major Trend in global academic context.
  • Requirement for national and international accreditations.
  • Helps in achieving academic and educational excellence.
  • Helps in building collaboration with international universities.
  • Reflect positive and responsible Image of the university.
  • Helps in launching different national and international social initiatives.
  • Helps in building various research platforms and launch new degree programs.
  • Helps university in collaborating for various faculty and student exchange programs.

For Students

  • Ownership and time investment
  • Positive impact on Society
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Help in building strong resume
  • Active member of the Community
  • Acquire personal sense of accomplishment
  • Acquire knowledge and Life skills
  • Buildup Resume


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